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Thursday, 17 May 2012

You are cordially invited to drool over this post

If you were to open up my skull right now and empty its contents into a punch bowl it would contain the following: 3 cups of espresso, 1 lip gloss, 5 half read novels and 1001 different types of wedding invitations. I am going bananas for them right now and I am not sure why. Maybe it's because there are so many options! Maybe it's because I have a thing for the written word. Or maybe it's because I spend too much time on the internet. Whatever the cause may be, I feel the need to share some amazing wedding invitation ideas with you readers, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Letterpress is the style of invite that I am most into right now. It has an elegance and sophistication to it that you cannot achieve with other types of printing or paper, and I love the fact that it is still very much an art.  Because it is not the ordinary way of printing invites, and the fact that it requires a skilled worker to operate the press, letterpress invitations are generally done by smaller businesses/operations. This is nice if you are trying to support small/independent/local businesses instead of larger manufacturers.
Many printers who use letterpress also have other ways of being eco-friendly, including using FSC certified paper, bamboo paper, post consumer recycled paper etc, as well as vegetable based or soy inks and dyes. Many even use green renewable energy to power their studios, or donate a percentage of their sales to environmental causes, and because they are generally smaller staffed, their carbon footprint is less than the average company.

Bella Figura out of New York designs letterpress invitations in many different styles, and has a truly great environmental mission

Smock is a card company I am familiar with from my job working in an environmental retail store. They have a fabulous line of simple little cards for all occasions, and also do wedding/special occasion invitations as well.
All of their environmental practices and principals can be found on their website also.
uncontrollable side note:if anyone wants to ever send me a card for whatever reason, please send me one from Smock. I heart them so much!

Just one more. Great website, great letterpress invitations. Their standard stock is 100% cotton reclaimed from the US garment industry. How awesome is that?

Now.....don't even get me started on Save The Dates.....

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