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Monday, 7 May 2012

Knickers,Undies,Skivvies Oh My!!

Warning: this post is going to get pretty sexy, you may want to takes notes...go get a pen

Alright! We are getting into the good stuff today. Lingerie! And ladies, if there is one article of clothing more important than your dress on your wedding day, it is your undies! I mean, the dress is for you and all of your guests to gawk at, but your lingerie, well that's just for your man (or your woman, whatevs). This is one area where things like fabric selection, dye variety, production type/location and designer are very important, if you want to make sure you are wearing something planet and people friendly. Think about it, do you want some strange, petroleum based, synthetic dyed, cheaply made product touching your sensitive bits all day? No, that's what I thought. There are some lovely alternatives for traditional, everyday wear undies out there today, generally made from bamboo, soy or organic cotton, as they are the most well suited fabrics for underwear (vintage lace and fabrics are also popular). However, you do have to do a little more research to find something fancier and appropriate for special occasions, like your wedding night! Here are some examples of French style lingerie that is Eco-friendly and super sexy! 
This UK designer has a line made from organic silk and "cruelty free peace silk" exclusive to her online boutique. (there is even an "eco bride gift set")  
Another UK designer making lingerie from organic cotton, bamboo, vintage lace and soy.
This American site has a selection of eco friendly lingerie mostly made from micro modal, derived from beech trees. There are a number of cute color options for each set.
Oh my. This Brooklyn based online boutique is very risque and so perfect for a sassy wedding night surprise! Can you imagine? (of course you can). 

See how sexy green can be? Not a granny panty in sight! Now go out there and get fabulous!

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