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Thursday, 24 May 2012

With This Ring

I am not a fan of traditional engagement or wedding rings. I just plain don't like them. I think they're boring and ordinary. Sorry to all those who got em', but they're just not my bag. What I do love however, is antique rings. They tend to be more interesting in shape and style, and use more colorful stones instead of the traditional diamonds. So in order to lure you into my way of thinking, I have compiled this handy dandy list of reasons why buying an antique engagement and/or wedding ring is awesome:

1. Buying used is always good for the earth
  • whenever you can buy used, no matter what the product, it is always a good thing (except maybe mattresses, but that's just a whole other story). it means cutting back on your carbon footprint by not contributing to the production of new items 
2. You can make a serious fashion statement
  • like I said, antique rings are downright fabulous and there are so many options depending on the era that you are bound to find something to fit your style
3. Not supporting the gold or diamond industries is good for your conscious.. and for the environment..and for other people...(just all around good really)
  • let's face it, the gold and diamond industries have pretty horrible reputations, so it is no surprise that many people want to avoid them at all costs. while you can get cruelty free diamonds these days, it does require significant research on the part of the buyer, and trying to find gold that is relatively eco friendly is damn near impossible
4. Your Grandma will love it
  • she just will. it's a given
5. One of a kind
  • if your ring comes from the standard local jewellery store, odds are someone else has the same ring as you, or one very similar. buying an antique ring pretty much guarantees the originality factor, which is always a good thing 
(insert some cheesy quote about how your love is 'one of a kind' here if you wish, I choose not to)

So, if you are not yet convinced to join "Team Old Stuff Rules", maybe the following photos of awesome antique wedding/engagement rings will give you that little push you need:


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  1. Beautiful and true, did you know we bought our wedding bands at a pawn shop...just sayin