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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Roses are red... or maybe paper...or buttons!

Bouquets are pretty much a "must have" for brides and their bridesmaids, traditionally speaking anyway. However it may be hard to find an alternative to the run of the mill, pesticide laden, gmo produced flowers that are the general norm in most flower shops. While in many places you may be able to find locally grown or organic flowers, I am really loving these super creative alternatives all those crafty people out there are coming up with.
For instance, buttons! Seriously, who doesn't love buttons? I have friends who horde these colorful little guys like gold! If you are planning on having a fun, girly, crafty style wedding, think about a button bouquet. If you are like me, you probably have friends willing to fork over some of their stash to help make your bouquet, or just hit up a used clothing/housewares store, they always have miscellaneous button bags for around $3! Also, how sweet are button boutonnieres? Cute way to tie in a theme here people!

And if buttons aren't your thing (what gives?), what about vintage brooches? These can make an absolutely stunning bouquet, and add a serious glam factor, or they can make a colorful statement to a simple gown. I am willing to bet you have some of your grandmothers old costume jewellery laying around? If not, vintage clothing stores always have a good selection as well. They can even be made to coordinate with your wedding colors. Reduce Reuse Recycle! (it's an oldie but a goodie)

Another option is paper. Use recycled paper to create beautiful, origami style paper flower bouquets. They have a similar effect, are relatively inexpensive (provided you are able to DIY or wrangle some crafty friends to help), and you can add a touch of personality. Use pages from a dictionary, your favorite book, or maybe old comics? (if you are among the nerd inclined). 

And you know what the best part about these non-flower alternative bouquets is? (besides the fact they are totally georg!).....they won't die! You can keep these forever as a memento of your big day and they won't dry out, wilt or rot! Clearly you won't be chucking one of these into the waiting arms of all those single ladies during the bouquet toss, so just get a little wildflower  bouquet made up at a local flower shop, or something cheap and simple you won't mind giving away. Cause these works of art are definitely keepers!

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  1. Wickedly Wonderful Works of them all !