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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mason Jar Obsession 101

Mason Jars. Just think about it for a second. Let your mind wander.....wait! are you just thinking about jam? or pickled something-or-other? You've got to step outside the box here. Mason jars can make some pretty amazing little things, especially for a green wedding. Everybody's got some stockpiled in their basement, and if you don't, I'm willing to bet you have friends/family who do. They are a simple, inexpensive way to do just about anything, from drink glasses, to vases, to wedding favors. All it takes is a little imagination and a little creativity.
For example:
instead of regular drinking glasses. Are you having an outdoor cocktail hour? Think about setting up your station with mason jars instead of plain old glasses. They can be fancied up a little bit with colorful straws, tags, bling, or just left alone for a more rustic feel. Paint on a little chalk board paint, and guests can label them with their name, so there's no drink confusion (you don't want Great Aunt Liza mistaking your vodka & cran for her punch).

Because they aren't plastic disposables, you can reuse them, which means way less waste at the end of the day. Also, they look and feel a lot better than plastic anyway! And you won't have to rent any glassware if you go this route, especially if you are having a smaller guest list, which can save you some cash.

Another way to incorporate these utilitarian wonders is lighting. They make amazing DIY lamps, candle holders, centerpieces etc. Having an outdoor ceremony? Suspend mason jars with beeswax candles inside from the surrounding trees for a very whimsical effect. Or maybe have them lining the isle instead. You can very easily adorn them with paper, paint, or fabric to match your theme and colors. And remember, do not use paraffin candles, go for beeswax or soy. Paraffin is toxic, doesn't burn well, and doesn't give off as nice a glow as the natural kinds of candles.

  While there are clearly many many things you can do with mason jars for your wedding, I will just share one more idea, which is something that I would be very excited about if I saw at a wedding. Dessert! Mmmm dessert. Portable dessert. Dessert you can eat while dancing! Seriously, stuffing something delicious in a mason jar and attaching a spoon is not very difficult, but it is a great idea. These can be set up at your dessert table, or even given as wedding favors to your guests at the end of the night, a little late night sugar rush if you will.

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  1. Dessert in a mason jar, great idea as a wedding favor, you could even attach the recipe to a card as a thank you tied on with the spoon, awesome Mel :-)