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Monday, 11 June 2012

Pack Your Bags

When I was a kid, I owned two vintage suitcases, one blue, one brown. They both had matching ruffled satin interiors, and one had a little mirror inside. I filled them with Barbie's extensive clothing collection, books, markers, anything I might need for a night at my Grandmothers. So I love when I see vintage luggage incorporated into wedding decor. It can be used in so many different ways, and is super easy to find in thrift stores (or if you are in Halifax, on the sidewalk!).
So I wanted to show you dear readers a few interesting ways to use luggage for your very own green wedding!

1. Card Holder: pretty simple. use it as a place for guests to put your "happy wedding" cards.

 2. Seat Number Display: a more interesting way to display your guests seat numbers.

3. Dessert Table Stands: cake stands are awesome, but so is luggage. 
4. Table Centerpiece: unexpected unique centerpieces are the best, because sometimes flowers just aren't enough.
5. General Decor: whether you are going with an aviation theme, or your reception is being held in an old train station, or maybe you just have a thing for old suitcases, incorporating luggage into your room decor adds a cool touch

6. Welcome Packages: these are always a good idea to have in the rooms of guests who are coming from away to be in the wedding party or just attending. fill them with toiletries, maybe some snacks, and other items they might need

7. Photo booth Props: these are very trendy to have at weddings right now. so why not add to your theme and have vintage luggage be part of the background in your own photo booth, or store cute props in one.

8. Drink Holder: why not make your bar/buffet area adorable too? fill a suitcase full of mason jar drinks or bottled pop

9. Seating/Tables: if you have a little time on your hands, and some serious DIY spirit, you can make some pretty amazing chairs and tables out of old suitcases. interesting seating areas scattered throughout the reception space creates a more dynamic, lounge type atmosphere. maybe this could be a wedding gift for/to your significant other?

10. Guestbook Table: these can be pretty boring sometimes, so why not jazz it up a little. decorate the table with a suitcase, have your guests write you letters on an old typewriter etc. 

Ok. So there are 10 ways to use vintage luggage in a wedding. Who knew right? I am a big fan, hope you are now too. I'm sure there are lots more ways to use this idea, so feel free to comment on this post with more of your thoughts!

Bonus Idea: Suitcase Cake!