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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Foodie Favors

Fact: most wedding favors are lame. Sorry brides and grooms, but it just had to be said. I don't ever remember one that I have liked or kept for longer than a week. Unless you are the parents or close family of the couple, you will probably throw out or lose the favor they gave you, or it will be trapped in their junk drawer forever. 

Here are some tips on what NOT to do for favors:
1. anything with your face on it
2. a couple mints or chocolate kisses wrapped in tulle
3. monogrammed matchbooks
4. shot glasses
5. teensy rectangles of the wedding cake (also usually wrapped in tulle) 

Do you know what I do want to see as a favor, (and I don't think I am alone in thinking this either): FOOD. Anything edible is a win with me. You can monogram the hell out of it, so long as I can eat it, drink it, or put it on food in some way. So I have comprised a little list of some of my favorite edible wedding favors. I'm trying to start a revolution here people, go with me on this one! 

Pop! (if you are Canadian)  or Soda! (if you are American)
-Adorable right? Bright, fun, colorful, easily tied into a color theme and personalized.

-Perfect for a backyard summer wedding. Have your guests fill their own berry bowls at a great station, or have them pre-made with tiny little baskets/bags.

Tea or Coffee!
- I am a caffeine addict who also enjoys herbal teas, and these can be very easily made into wedding favors. Choose flavors that match your theme and your personality, and remember to buy organic and fair trade varieties.
Individual Picnic Lunches!
- I love this idea if you have a little more cash to spend. Plus, if the party goes til the wee hours of the morning, bam! you already provided some breakfast to your weary guests.

Jams or Jellies!
- Are you a canner? If so, this will be easy for you. If not, check out your local farmers market for yummy seasonal jams and jellies, which are super cute/come in a reusable mason jar/and are easy to customize.
Milk and Cookies!
- Milk and cookies are not just a child's affair now. Get fancy with it, go gourmet. Lactose intolerant? Almond milk tastes better anyway! Or you could do all the ingredients to make your own cookies at home.

Olive oil and Vinegar!
-A great idea for a foodie wedding. There are so many varieties of great oils and vinegars, you could do just one, or a pair, or even do a set with some delicious bread. Mmm.

- Duh. So hot right now. Who doesn't like cupcakes? Again, you could do them pre-made so your guests can dig in soon, or do cupcake ingredient bags for at home yummies.

- Again, for the foodie in the group. A unique idea, and one that will stand out from the crowd. Also, super useful (because I know in my house, we can never get enough spices!)

Recipe Cards!
- Ok, so technically you can't eat this favor, but it is food related, and will lead to something delish down the road (hopefully). Maybe get the mothers of the bride and groom (or the grannies!) to write down their favorite recipes, and have them made into cute cards for your guests.

So, hopefully you got some inspiration from these ideas, and you won't be going with the old faithful shot glass as your wedding favor in the future. While there are loads of other options for non-edible favors that are probably "greener", I do like to eat, and I think food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. If your food (or your foodie favor) is awesome, people are gonna talk about it.

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