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Friday, 27 April 2012

hi there internet, lets be friends

Hi! Hello! Heya! Welcome to Green Geek Weddings, my very first blogging experience! I have been feeling a little left behind on the blog scene, so decided to get myself in gear and throw together one of these suckers! I do follow a few green wedding blogs and sites myself, but I wanted to put together a collection of my own thoughts/inspirations/critiques/tidbits, and make my presence known in the blogosphere. I am hoping that Green Geek Weddings will become a place to find and share all the rad things out there in the universe that have to do with being green + being slightly wedding obsessed. So check back for posts about such things as: exactly what the hell is a "green wedding" anyway?, what are this seasons hottest new earth friendly trends?, sustainable wedding fashion on a budget etc. 
Thanks for reading and please come on back! 
ps . if you do come back, that's good karma...just sayin

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