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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Going Green: sustainable options for some of 2012's best wedding trends

Trend #1: Colorful Accessories:
OK, so most brides wear white on their wedding day. But that doesn't mean there has to be a total lack of color in her wardrobe. This season, bright pops of color have been on trend for accessories, which is tres chic and easily achieved for the discerning eco-bride as well. It's simple: Go Vintage!

 Vintage jewellery is a great way to add character to any outfit in your wedding party. Whether it is cute colorful earrings on a bride, or handheld clutches for bridesmaids instead of flowers, vintage accessories and jewellery are good for you and the earth. It means reusing something old as opposed to buying new, and they can always double as your "something old" as well as your "something blue".

Trend #2: Glamour!
A return to old school glamour has been huge this season, with grandeur and opulence being key themes when it comes to wedding decor and fashion. But just because something is glamorous doesn't mean it can't keep in touch with the earth as well. Having a glamorous green wedding is not an oxymoron, it can be done! Just think of the little things, romantic colored textured linen with vintage lace overlay, antique candelabras at the head table, your grandmothers silver service as a centerpiece etc.  Remember: green doesn't have to look outdoorsy, quaint or DIY, it can look expensive!

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