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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Time for Brunch!

 Most people think of a  wedding as an afternoon to late night kind of affair. Let's think outside the box a little here people. You do not need to go for the traditional dinnertime reception with  a dance afterwards, what about brunch? People love brunch. It is the equivalent of second breakfast,except it is totally acceptable to have an alcoholic drink with it. And it sounds pretty darn fancy too. Plus the food choices are endless. 
 Here are a few reasons why a brunch wedding could be a good choice for you:
1. They tend to be cheaper- because you are not spending as much money on a full dinner, you can save money on food, also brunch food tends to be less expensive anyway. You will save money on alcohol because people won't be drinking as much at that time of day, and if you choose not to have a dance (which many brunch weddings do without), you save on DJ fees etc.
2. A small, less formal ceremony- brunch ceremonies are relatively smaller, more casual affairs in general. So if you are looking to have a more easygoing kind of day, brunch may be for you.
 3. Less time to stress- if you have an early start, then you don't have time to psych yourself out during your run-up to the alter. If you are getting hitched at 10am, then you won't have as much time to freak out about hair,makeup,schedule etc and maybe you will just forget about cold feet.
 4. No long wait times for guests- the entire wedding day can be filled with multiple gaps and wait times for your guests, what with photo sessions, lag times in between ceremony, dinner and reception and long parties. So why not keep it simple, have the ceremony, a brunch afterwards, and save your wedding party photo shoot for after the festivities.

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